Business Professionals Applications

In today's business world, you have to be ruthless and constantly taking note of the changing financial environment you are in.  One of the greatest ways to do this is have a device that allows you to accurately control your expenses as well as keep track of how your money is being spent.  If you have an Apple iPhone, than you most likely have a life that requires detail and organization.  When it comes to finances, you must be extremely organized in order to make sure that your money isn't being thrown around.  And when you have an iPhone, you are able to add applications to your device, that will help organize your life.  One of the best productivity applications for the iPhone is the JustAddMoney Expense Tracker. 

This amazing application not only allows you to keep track of your money, but also you are able to share this information through a multi-user online tracker.  This is perfect for a business that wants to be constantly updated on the financial happenings of the company.  With this application, you are able to update your expenses in real-time, by entering in checks, receipts, credit card purchases and even how much cash you currently have.  Since you are able to add additional users to the expense tracker, you can see how much money everyone has spent before making the next big purchase. 

One of the coolest features about this application is how it can accurately manage your finances, no matter how complex they are.  If you are running a business, and you want to keep your decision making employees up-to-date with all of the financial happenings, than you can do so by creating an account for them.  After you have created an account, you can transfer money from these accounts, organizing expense categories and even create financial reports based on a certain date.  This will keep your financial reports extremely organized and easy to understand.

Also, when you have this application, you can have real-time updates to how much money has been spent, and where.  This will save you time in waiting for your checks to clear with the bank, and also will keep you from being surprised when you open your credit card billing statement. 

Another great application for the business-minded, as well as those who want to keep information private, is the Mobile Password Safe.  In today's world, it is very important that you have a secure place to store all of your sensitive passwords, and what is a better place that your cell phone.  You always have access to these passwords, however, only you are able to gain this access to the passwords.  How this system works is you create labels for your passwords, and then put the actual password within the application.

After you have done so the passwords are actually decrypted into your browser, which means that plain text will never be transferred to the various servers.  By doing so, this means your passwords can never be hacked and you are provided with 100% safety and security.  If you have many passwords to sensitive locations, or if you just want to keep your online banking password even more protected, you will love this application. 

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